Frequently Asked Questions

Yes our streams are mostly stable.

Yes, we do accept credit card payments directly

NO, we do not update VODs daily.

Yes, we provide m3u8 links.

Yes we support dreambox.

Yes we support Enigma 2.

Yes we support Kodi.

Yes we support LG Smart TV.

Yes, we support all mag versions/devices. We need mac address of the device to start.

Yes we support roku, we will send you m3u_plus file for roku.

Yes we support Samsung Smart TV.

Yes we support satellite receivers having support of m3u or txt.

To order reseller account you need to pay first time credit of 200Euro. Get reseller account details here. For more information

To use IPTV on vlc, please click on the provided m3u link and open the downloaded file with VLC

Its about 6000 channels channels in our server, may be sometime up and down.

Our server is best quality faster service. Our main server is stronger than ever, so' it works perfectly.

Free Trial is only Available for our IPTV Local Application For Android

After making payment for your subscription, fill dc form and type the details of the device in message field. like my device enigma 2 or i need hls m3u8 link or my mag box mac address is 00:a1----

Use the Username and password provided you

Yes we provide you an Android App of IPTVLocal. This app can be downloaded from our site in apk or from Play store in name IPTVLocal

With the reseller account you can re-sale our IPTV links with less prices. Get reseller account details here. For more information

We will send you by email Our portal for mag devices and STB After your Payment.

We support almost all devices, including Media Players, M3U, Android, Other OS, Mag Devices( 250, 254), XBMC, Smart TVs, Kodi, Recivers, Giga Blue, Dreambox, Enigma 2 Autoscript, Simple List, Starsat/Starlive,Azclass, Octagon, Mediastar, Geant, Tiger, WebTV List, Ariva, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, All STB Emulators, Spark, Revolution 60/60, Other More.

This might be a temp issue from server or your ISP, please try laster or contact us.

If you are using IPTV on vlc (PC), please redownload fresh m3u file with our provided URL and open with VLC, if still problem try using any VPN like HotSpot Sheild, if still problem, contact us with the URL you have.